Learn to Read Korean FAST | FUN Korean Alphabet and Korean Pronunciation Guide 80/20

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How to read Korean? Do you want to finally learn Korean? Korean actually has its own alphabet that looks like this: 이거 읽을 수 있어요. At first glace you might think this Korean alphabet thing is not for you because you can just read this: annyeonghaseyo. But what if I told you it was made to be easy to learn? What if?

King Sejong is a good man. He made this alphabet so simple that anyone can learn it very quickly.

Understanding everything is another story. Korean might very well be up there with the most difficult languages for English speakers because almost everything is different, but Congratulations to you for attempting to learn it.
Being able to sound out the letters, will make your time in Korea much more fun. You will be able to read Korean signs and menus and Korean BBQ restaurants. SO COOL!!!! And this is also a good start for anyone planning on really mastering this language. I wish you the best!!!!! And have a good safe time in Korea ( if you are going there)

This covers maybe 80 percent of the sounds that you will come across in Korean. There are exceptions to the rules. Here are a few I didn’t cover in the lesson. Not all of them though….


1) The ㅂ in 입니다 sounds like imnida not ipnida. Don’t know why. Just say it that way. It is very common.

2) Letters like ㅅ and others when they are at the end of a word, or next to a ㄷ , they sound like a “t”. 맛다 (to be tasty) sounds like matda not masda. In 맛있어요 (it’s tasty) it resumes its normal sound “sh” [remember shiny summit].

3) 같이 (together) should be kaTi but for some reason it sounds like katchi. What? you may ask. Them’s just the facts.

: )

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